Land Developing

Land Development is the cornerstone of real estate activities. The preparation of a parcel for construction or other use is a complex process. At Nick Conte, Jr. – Builders, Inc., we have a proven track record of successful land development projects. From the initial development of the land’s potential through the zoning, land planning, architecture, and the engineering processes, we coordinate and deliver the project. We also provide services that can assist in securing financing and oversight of the construction phase.

The key to our effectiveness begins with an alignment of a wide network of contacts in the industry. This network of contacts and resources combined with our in-depth research process navigates through the procedures, zoning, and local regulations at the initial stages of the project providing a win-win situation.

As the development process moves into the approval stages, our development team works to keep the project consistently moving with expediency. Nick Conte, Jr. – Builders, Inc. understands a successful project needs to perform in a timely manner.



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